Site Assessment

Phase I – Due Diligence

Buyers and lenders of commercial property usually require a hazardous materials assessment prior to closure. Van’s conducts a 50-year survey of all existing databases. A full scale visual investigation is made of the property. A report is written incorporating the findings of the property investigation which meets all state and federal (ASTM) requirements. If you are purchasing commercial property, Van’s Environmental Services can perform your Due Diligence.

  • Visual site inspection and photos
  • Investigation of all surrounding properties
  • Search in all state and federal databases
  • Personal Interviews
  • Aerial investigation
  • Written report using American Standards Testing Model (ASTM) annually-approved format to provide the information that
    the lenders and borrowers require

Phase II - Based on results of Phase I

The conclusions of Phase I instigate the Phase II investigations. If, in a Phase I, you find there are unknown problems, dumping spills, or prior use questions, then a Phase II study is conducted to perform a more in-depth investigation into the property. It usually results in soil testing and site drilling with results incorporated into a written report.

  • In-depth investigation to evaluate problems or questions uncovered in Phase I
  • May include soil testing and site drilling
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Phase III – Based on results of Phase II

A mandatory detailed study is performed if certain conditions are reported in a Phase II or if there are certain findings. It can include clean up and/or remediation of the problems identified in the Phase II. Specialized services may be required and are available by contract.

  • Mandatory detailed study required based on findings
  • Can include clean up and/or remeidation of identified issues
  • Specialized services available by contract
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