OSHA/EPA State and Federal Compliance Management & Training

OSHA Best Practices – Management


Management needs to know what the local requirements are to meet OSHA  industry-specific standards.  Van’s Environmental Services conducts  seminars for managers and supervisors to determine and explain the  company compliance requirements.  These services include:

  • OSHA/EPA resource materials, recordkeeping and compliance forms
  • Newsletter 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has  determined that employers are responsible for effective management of  worker safety and health protection.  An effective training program for  employees is a decisive factor in protecting employees from work related  injuries and illnesses. 

OSHA Compliance - Employee Training


OSHA’s regulations specify that all new employees  have general safety and PPE training.   They require all employees  utilizing tools, equipment, chemicals and materials to attend annual  Safety training.  There are many OSHA training standards including  general safety and specific applications training requirements.  Van’s  Environmental Services provides on-site OSHA/EPA compliance training for  employees in English or Spanish.  Here are just a few of the training  requirements where Van’s Environmental Services can help you:

  • OSHA Safety Orientation and Standards 
  • Hazard Communication Standard  (“Right to Know”) 
  • Hazardous Materials Shipping  (HM181/126) 
  • Forklift Certification 
  • Respirator Training
  • Heat Stress
  • Back Safety

If you are unsure if you should provide training, contact us.

OSHA/EPA Resource Materials

  • Compliance forms and management reports for state air quality reporting
  • Mandatory annual report completion (orange forms)

Hazardous Materials Shipping Training

  • Packaging, labeling and appropriate shipping forms for national and/or international shipping of hazardous material
  • On-site training required by transporters for all new employees prior to handling materials
  • Mandatory renewal every 3 years

Forklift Certification

  • Required by OSHA for any employee providing forklift operation at the worksite
  • Class includes federal and state safety standards, equipment characteristics and capacity, and employee driver competency demonstration
  • Mandatory renewal every 3 years